Instincts | Week 4

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“Capacity is best built in areas of strength and curiosity”  TD Jakes

Our uniqueness is found in our areas of strength. Curiosity brings it out.  The hints of a lifetime pull at our uniqueness until we embrace it.  We are not one dimensional. We are the complex version of ourselves but often undiscovered.  Why? Because we drift in life toward the uniqueness of others.  When we downplay our own strengths as if they are inferior to what’s trending, we miss it all.

Dormant strengths rob our world of our worth and us of our value.  The legacy of a life time is found in the distribution of our well honed strengths. Our uniqueness is in our areas of strength.

Now is the best time to draw them out. Now is the best time to invest ourselves in the clarity of who God has made us.  Our fulfillment is always in the distribution of our own uniqueness.   We were made on purpose for a purpose.  Clique’? Yes. And yet now is the only time we have to grow our capacity in the purpose for which we were born.

Jesus built his capacity for obedience.  Paul built his capacity for contentment.

Where are you growing your capacity? 

“As Jesus grew, so did His wisdom and maturity.  The favour of men increased upon his life, for he was loved greatly by God.”   Luke 2:52 PT

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