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My mission is to encourage, equip and evangelize followers of Christ in their faith, leadership and creativity. 

Now Matters

Now Matters is a weekly devotional that will challenge you to focus on growing yourself now. Read the most recent post below.

Spiritual Birth

Read: JOHN – CHAPTER THREE – verses 3-21 To really perceive the Kingdom of God, the starting place is being born again. These words blew the mind of Nicodemus. His imagination stuttered! His verbal...

Spiritual Hunger

Nicodemus’ One on One with Jesus: He had observed Jesus’ ministry in the temple and in the streets. He had listened to His disciples and critics. Nicodemus began to think outside the box of the...

Timing, Temples and Trust Pt. 4

Chapter two is divided into three subjects: TIMING, TEMPLES & TRUST!  Let’s look into Trust. John 1:23-25 continued PLACES IN THE HEART! – Part 2 There are two ways to learn from David’s...

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