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My mission is to encourage, equip and evangelize followers of Christ in their faith, leadership and creativity. 

Now Matters

Now Matters is a weekly devotional that will challenge you to focus on growing yourself now. Read the most recent post below.

Believers are Members One of Another

Consider this final example of humility between John, the Forerunner and Jesus, the Runner: Jesus came humbly to John the Baptist asking, even insisting, that John baptize Him.  Why? So that...

The Humility & Obedience

THE HUMILITY & OBEDIENCE: GOD’S FORERUNNER, JOHN THE BAPTIST & HIS RUNNER, JESUS! The Apostle John lays out the following biographical truths about John the Baptist: Verse 6 There was a man...

Cutting Across The Grain

Blinded by their traditions, the religious leaders lived confounded by their spiritual ignorance and arrogance. But not John! He was the intentional witness of everything Jesus said and did. After...

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