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My mission is to encourage, equip and evangelize followers of Christ in their faith, leadership and creativity. 

Now Matters

Now Matters is a weekly devotional that will challenge you to focus on growing yourself now. Read the most recent post below.

Starting Places | Week 3

THE STARTING PLACE OF “GO”! ‘Standing Down’ in the wine press, Gideon threshed wheat. A once powerful nation,  Israel had allowed themselves to become mentally, physically and emotionally...

Starting Places | Week 2

THE STARTING PLACE OF ‘PARRESIA” BOLDNESS!      ‘Lazarus is dead’, Jesus said with such boldness in John 11:14 that the silence that followed hung heavily in the air without...

Starting Places | Week 1

FINDING A STARTING PLACE How do you find a starting place when life stands still, falls apart or throws you a curve?  Everyone has those moments when yesterday keeps thundering, anchoring our life...

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