Instincts | Week 5

by Mar 3, 2022Instincts0 comments

“Unless we put demands on ourselves to be curious, to build our capacity, to grow our potential, life becomes ordinary, mediocre and full but not fulfilling.”  TD Jakes

What we can do is often lost in what we must do. Exposure to what our instincts keep telling us empowers us to adjust our environments to align with our instincts.   Jesus did that. His spiritual instincts led him into environments where He could set the stage for His Father’s business. He was instinctively in tune with His Father. He changed environments everywhere He went.

Don’t let the clutter of what’s happening down the street steal your instinctive nature to reset your environment. Yesterday’s capacity is not fulfilling when it’s just a memory.  Dial into your spiritual instincts and change the world around you. Jesus occupied environments on the beaches, hillsides and streets wherever his curiosity led Him. He lived Father connected.

“Nothing I do is from my own initiative, for as I hear the judgment passed by my Father, I execute judgment. And my judgments will be perfect, because I can do nothing on my own, except to fulfill the desires of my Father who sent me.” John 5:30 PT

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