Instincts | Week 3

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“Don’t live a life in poor rotation”  TD Jakes

There are times when we should leave well enough alone. Places in our life need to be given a rest. Our tendency is to grind our way forward as if our reputation depended on it.  But in the healthy rotation of our thoughts we cultivate something greater than any one individual thought.

When we lean intentionally into the path of discovery as the Holy Spirit directs, He enriches those areas lying dormant. Coming back to an issue or thought revitalizes and refreshes the impact for which it was intended. Thus our perspective gets an upgrade.

Jesus often dropped thoughts into a conversation only to come back to them with more impact later. He questioned the questioners!  He rotated their thinking beyond the immediate for the fruition of their future. Sometimes He left them hanging. Give it a rest.

May the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart be acceptable to the Lord” and may I not rush through any of them! Psalm 19:14

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