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“Most of us have two lives. The life we live and the unlived life within us” Steve Pressfield

A lack of creativity results from a lack of curiosity. Curiosity is disabled when we see
our life intolerant of disorder and ambiguity. Oddly enough when life is unbroken, predictable and harnessed to all things familiar, we tend to water ski over the surface of life. Creativity requires digging in to curiosity.

Contrary to common thought, creativity is not about being artistic…it’s about living intentionally curious. Intentional curiosity is key to problem solving. Curiosity taps into exploration and discovery. Curious people live at full impact rather than as fragmented versions of ourselves. Creativity is key to problem solving. More than just ideas and inspiration, creativity takes us beyond the boundaries and confinement of familiarity. At
full impact the creative process integrates ideas into daily life and innovation.

Living curious maintains our “student status”! Lifetime learners thrive on discovery. Average tends to over paint life. The power of curiosity declutters the obsolete and brings focus to what’s relevant for today. Curiosity keeps us breathing fresh ideas. The curious focuses more on what they have to give rather than on what they have yet to get. The curious have a bias for generosity. Generosity sees differently than consumers. When intuition and intelligence are in play life leans heavy into curiosity and discovery.

How does one fully engage in curiosity? Start by changing how you see yourself. Then focus on how you’re processing what you’re thinking. Curiosity and creativity are key pieces to an innovative life. Life stagnates when these pieces are benched to the sidelines. What are your expectations? Where are you gaining traction. Are you moving forward? Movement requires that we turn up the volume on inquisitiveness
and turn down the volume on familiarity.

The impact of our lives rises and falls on our relationship with creativity. Learning creates traction. But Learning is unsettling unless it forces “sameness” into the back alley and brings relevant learning to the front porch of our current thought”.

Here’s the challenge: Live unsettled enough to make a difference. Creativity is not about what is trending. Creativity is about what is bending us resolutely in the direction of where we were meant to live. It moves us forward. It solves problems. Creativity makes us different so we can make a difference.

Challenge without a process leaves one unchanged. Difference makers tap into the creative process. Curiosity + Discovery + Expectations = Valued Generosity!

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  1. Hello Gene, I have read all three of the current blogs. So very encouraging. Thank you.


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