4 H.U.G.E. Questions | Week 1

by Mar 4, 20204 H.U.G.E. Questions, Now Matters1 comment

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Hunger is a funny thing. When most of us say we are starving, we really mean we are just craving a favorite food. When it comes to the company we keep or the movie we watch or even the car we drive, we do have preferences. But answering what are we hungry for requires more than a surface answer.

John the Baptist saw Jesus passing by him and shouted to his own disciples: ‘there goes the Lamb of God!’ A hand-full of intuitive listeners dropped everything and followed close behind Jesus. Jesus turned to them and asked ‘what do you want?’ Their answer was ‘where do you live?’ (John 1:35-2:4 (PBT). 

My interpretation redefines their question as ‘what nourishes you?’ or ‘what makes you come alive?’ These interpretations seem more focused on “What are you hungry for?’. In other words, what do you want to taste that you’ve never experienced but hunger to experience? We don’t really hunger for mediocre things, experiences or people. We hunger for something deeper than a casual preference. That’s why answering this first of 4 H.U.G.E. Questions is difficult to nail down.

The disciples following Jesus that day had been schooled by John the Baptist to be on watch for the Messiah. When John pointed Jesus out as the Lamb of God, the future disciples jumped at the opportunity. This was what they had been living for, what they hungered for.


What opportunity would you jump for if it walked past you? What nourishment do you crave?

What purpose or option would get you off the sofa of expired dreams and back on the path of a  lifetime adventure? 

Are you preparing for it? Are you laying aside what would hinder you from going after your dreams if they came knocking at your door?

Or have you settled for average and what’s trending even when deep down you’re starving for something you’ve dreamed of all your life?

What are you hungry for that is of greater consequence than anything on your bucket list?  These 4 questions are circular in nature. They aren’t steps. Answer one and you’ll answer another. Sequence is of no consequence. Go for it.

Start here: What are you hungry for?

Next Question:  Where is your understanding limited?

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  1. Such a great and thought provoking question!


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