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Leadership thrives on effective communication. Effective leaders grow their teams the hard way, level by level, day by day. They connect with each team member so they can converse with one another and so there can be a conversion in their relationships and ultimately a collaboration that changes their world.

Effective leaders invest time and energy to connect with their teams both individually and collectively. But this First Level, “Connection”, is the very bottom rung on the ladder of a leader’s communication clout. Truth is until we intentionally connect there will never be a conversation of any consequence. Effective leaders practice the art of connecting when no one is looking as well as when everyone is looking. Effective communication makes the difference in a vision between stagnation and a vision of significance. It is in the conversing level that trust is earned and developed. Effective connectors take the challenge and trust the Process.

Once conversations flow there abounds a subtle and sometimes intangible consensus among the team players. It is when these spontaneous conversations reach a tipping point of transparency and authenticity that Level Four finally emerges. Level Four is Collaboration! Effective leaders and teams hold themselves accountable beyond their initial conversions. Consequently a synergy develops around the first three levels. The exchange of genuine conversations fast forwards the relationships of leader and team into collaboration. At this level effective communication is not just enjoyed but treasured and protected.

No one, neither leaders nor team players, leave any one of the four levels. Effective communication necessitates the continual evolution and joint synergy of all four levels:

Connection + Conversation + Conversion + Collaboration

Effective communication is ongoing. Effective communicators are always connecting, always conversing, always converting and always collaborating. It becomes the glue that holds their culture together.

Effective Leaders value each level enough to intentionally model them for their teams. Effective Communication is the hallmark of Effective Leadership. Consequently, the culture that values effective communication thrives whereas cultures of less intentionality falter and stump into “has been” status.

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  1. I find that in a day in age where communication is changing, via the instant messaging devices that these elements that you are describing are important. Thanks for sharing your insight and wisdom.


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