Scattered Times | Week 6

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Your bias is in your strengths. Opportunity calls for them. Make your move!
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Goliath was viewed as an obstacle to King Saul and his merry men. But to David, Goliath was viewed as the opportunity of a lifetime. David moved in his bias for action. Turns out that the shepherd’s field isn’t for wimps. For David, it was in the shepherd’s field that God prepared him for the battle field.

David was a warrior in the making in the hidden places with his sheep. He proved himself there. He knew what it was to come to table of the Lord in the presence of his enemies. All his childhood, he loved throwing stones. It was in his blood. Faster and faster, farther and farther he threw them. Perhaps one of his brothers gave him the sling. Regardless, slinging stones became his obsession. Day after day, lion after bear after lion after bear, David lived to sling stones. As a shepherd he learned to study a situation carefully. He noticed the details others might miss. He studied the stance of his sheep’s enemies. He grew intuitive, perceptive and confident in his bias for action. He could read the pasture, like the best leaders in our day read the room.

At the battlefield where Goliath threatened, King Saul and his merry men moved with their bias for inaction. David moved in his bias for action. Everyone has a bias for something, not just against something. I have a bias for teaching and creativity. It was in me before I recognized it. I see opportunity through my bias. So did David. He took action.

Do you know what your bias is? Is your bias to serve, lead, solve problems, engineer, fix things, encourage others, show compassion? What is it that make you tick? What jerks your chain? What engages you? More to the point, how do you see yourself in an opportunity? How quickly do you assume the position of who you really are in unfamiliar moments? Think about it. The short answer is that our bias is perfected in our strengths. We have a bias to use them.

To David’s brothers and King Saul, Goliath was an obstacle. To David, Goliath was an opportunity. David’s bias for action overshadowed the others’ bias for inaction. His proven skills developed in the shepherd’s field promoted him to the battlefield. Proven skills usually do.

Today’s take away: What is your bias? Have you developed it? Refined it? Opportunity will come knocking for it. Get it ready. Imagine, David in the showers of his brother’s rejection, made a decision to take a warrior’s position because it lined up with his bias. David was toughness in the moment of opportunity. He knew his bias for action could win the day. What is your bias? Your strength? What opportunity is pulling you toward it?


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