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“This is why the Scriptures says: Things never discovered or heard of before, things beyond our ability to imagine – these are the many things God has in store for all his lovers. But God now unveils these profound realities to us by the Holy Spirit. Yet, He has revealed to us His inmost heart and deepest mysteries through the Holy Spirit, who constantly explores all things.”
I Corinthians 2:9-10

The Holy Spirit is our gift for the asking. Jesus taught His disciples to ask for the Holy Spirit.

“If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him.”
Luke 11:13

Want the Holy Spirit to reveal Himself to you? Practice these Six “Opportunity Habits”:

HABIT #1: Study Jesus’ miracles with fresh eyes by looking at them from different angles.

Ask yourself who else is in the stories. Ask why whatever was said, was said. Get relational with Jesus. Welcome the Holy Spirit into your analysis. Read from different translations.

HABIT #2: Solve problems by digging into opportunities. Look for more than one solution.

Jesus was a problem solver. How did this gift evolve? He asked lots of questions. What are you not asking about your situation? If you want better answers from God, ask better questions.

HABIT #3: Ask questions of God but also anticipate His questions for you!

Jesus spent nights fellowshipping with His Father. Why? Do you think His Father was dictating data? Or do you think they enjoyed a partnership? Jesus asked questions to help people see what was in their own hearts. Perhaps His Father asked Him questions. Jesus learned to grow in wisdom. So can  we! Our teacher is the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the subject. Class is always in session when we are.

HABIT #4: Expect answers because you have the mind of Christ.

(I Corinthians 2:16) Learn the subtext within the text of Jesus’ interactions in the Gospels. Push yourself into the context of the bigger picture within familiar stories. Jesus navigated through trying times. He was tempted in every way that we are tempted. To gain traction in unfamiliar times we have to leverage answers beyond the obvious. Absorb yourself in the bigger picture and search for gold.

HABIT #5: Leverage your perception of yourself from God’s Kingdom perspective.

Jesus consciously lived on redemption’s timeline where people around Him were facing nothing but difficulties. He exposed people to the invaluable opportunities around them so they could experience the greatest joy! Until we grasp our Heavenly Father’s perspective of the times we are living, we will never grasp the correct perception of ourselves from His perspective.

HABIT #6: Leverage curiosity in scattered times.

Transitions are not limited to difficult times. Take on a challenge to grow yourself and you may feel scattered in your pursuit. Curiosity finds answers and answers bring clarity. Give Jesus wiggle room to prove Himself strong to you. Grow yourself forward. Develop new habits. Remember, transition’s purpose is transformation.


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