Renew Your Mind | Part Two

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“The quality of our lives often depends on the quality of our habits” James Clear

Most of the time we think that renewing our mind is limited to changing old habits into new ones. But the verses that follow the famous passage from verses 1-2 expand this typical point of view.  Let’s review: Studying Romans 12:1-2  we see that transformation focuses on three areas:  

1. Our Identity     2. How we respond to life.     3. Our Prayer Life

Our Identity:

Verses 3-8 expands renewing our thinking about God and our relationship with Him into recognizing God’s ministry through us! Through the grace of God every believer can discover their uniqueness in a gift area. Recognizing our gift area not only refines our identity but walking it out brings us fulfillment.  

Gift areas in our lives come naturally through us for the benefit of others. You may have more than one. 

The Seven Grace-Gifts:

Prophecy – motivated to comfort and build up others 

Serving – motivated to serve by putting others first

Teaching – motivated to share information to equip and edify others

Encouraging – motivated to inspire and assure others through difficult and challenging times

Contributing – motivated to provide resources needed to empower others to grow and succeed. 

Leading – motivated to organize and facilitate direction and bring purpose to fulfillment

Mercy – motivated to come alongside others with passionate and assuring words and actions.

How we respond to life:

Verses 9-21 are random responses to challenges, opportunities and difficulties with life and people.

Loving with sincere love (the real thing)

Clinging to what is good and hating what is evil

Devoting ourselves to others

Serving the Lord with zeal and spiritual fervor

Being joyful in hope

Being patient in trouble

Being faithful in prayer

Sharing with God’s people in need

Practicing hospitality

Blessing those who persecute us

Rejoicing with those who rejoice

Mourning with those who mourn

Living in harmony with others

Humbling ourselves in life rather than pride or conceit

Living in peace with everyone as far as it depends on us

Leaving room for God in relationship when revenge seems appealing

Feeding our enemies

Overcoming evil with good rather than being overcome by it

(See part three for how the transformation of our thinking affects our prayer life.)


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