Part 6: Listening From God’s Point of View

by Dec 9, 2021Listening From God's Point of View, Now Matters0 comments

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You saw who you created me to be, before I became me!

Psalm 139:16 Passion Bible Translation

This is us! And this is our Creator God with forethought and specifics and purpose. Remember that in the Gospel of John, the writer refers to Jesus as the creator of all things: 

All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.

John 1:3 NIV

Our Triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) was united in our creation. Not only are we created with their forethought, specifics and purpose, but we were created to live in a specific time-frame. Not only is the world less when we do not live our life in parallel with our Creator’s  intentions, but we live a ‘less’ life!


God planned us out in detail artistically, physically, mentally and emotionally to match our generation’s needs. Some bloom early, some late and some much later. The timetable of God’s intentions is age-specific! Moses couldn’t be Abraham, nor could Joseph, Prince of Egypt, be the Apostle Paul. Elizabeth couldn’t be the mother of Christ. Purposes and timelines are set by God.

Jesus lived in-line with His Father’s timetable. The crucifixion happened as planned. For thousands of years the redemption of mankind unfolded in a continuous prophetic timeline. The heroes of faith in Hebrews 11 completed their appointed purpose in specific seasons.  

Although our lives may not have the significance of our Messiah, our lives have a definite significance. We were created to make a difference. We may not fully understand our significance from a prophetic point of view but God does. Our purpose’s countdown is ticking!

Only as God’s redeemed creations can we sense the difference our life is to make on earth.    Re-read Romans 12:1-2 and we see clearly that our lives were intended to be a ‘spiritual act of worship’. Fulfilling our purpose is worship! First, we come to the revelation that Jesus’ life, death and resurrection happened to bring us to a place of regenerated wholeness. That wholeness accelerates us into our purpose when we make Him Savior and Lord of our lives. 

Our purpose, as believers, requires His intimacy. By His word and the Holy Spirit, our thinking is transformed. With a renewed mind we make decisions in alignment with our Creator’s purpose. We live life learning to be the ‘us’ that God intended.
Once in sync with His plan, His fulfillment in our lives becomes our fulfillment. This is us!!!


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