Instincts | Week 1

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“Curiosity creates dots, instinct connects them” Gene Brack

Jesus drew a curious crowd. Tax collectors, prostitutes and religious zealots gathered into crowded rooms, smelly fishing holes and hillside picnics. Their disconnected dots, were not really Jesus’ focus.

His focus was on the Father’s purpose and perspective. When revealed they had a way of connecting the disconnected! Still do. He asked the right questions, told the right stories. He was at once the dot connector as well as the dot distributor. He cherished the curious.  He awoke the despondent and re-assembled the broken. He connected redemption’s plan with a surgeon’s precision because He lived His Father’s purpose and perspective. 

Instinctively we know the right questions, we just don’t ask them. They’re not in the crowded rooms, or smelly fishing holes nor the hillside picnics. They’re in Him, His purpose, His perspective.

Now whose got a question?  Go ahead and ask. Follow your instincts.

“Ask and the gift is yours.  Seek and you’ll discover. Knock and the doors will opened for you.” Matthew 7:7  PT

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