Believers are Members One of Another

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Consider this final example of humility between John, the Forerunner and Jesus, the Runner:

Jesus came humbly to John the Baptist asking, even insisting, that John baptize Him


So that scripture could be fulfilled? Yes, but there is more, and it is on a very personal level between the two Johns. Their humility is a precious reminder that we are “members one of another!” 

At first John refused to baptize Jesus. Remember that John said he wasn’t worthy to unlatch Jesus’ sandals. But Jesus required John to fulfill more than the scripture we quickly think about. Jesus’ baptism fulfilled John’s search for the Messiah

As Jesus rose from the baptism water, John saw the Holy Spirit descending like a dove and knew that this Jesus was the one who baptizes with the holy Spirit. From that day forward John testified that he had seen the Son of God. 

This was the sign for which John had been looking. 

In other Gospels we know that the voice came from the Father in heaven:


Humility and Obedience is always part of our calling as forerunners of the Messiah for our day. 

“Humble yourselves before the Lord and He will lift you up”  James 4:10

What is it that you need God to confirm for you?

What are you ready to do when He confirms it?

Are you asking the wrong questions?

The Lord confirms His Will through His Word. 

As we humble ourselves and grow in obedience in His Word, the Holy Spirit confirms to us God’s will and direction for our lives.

Living in His will makes us come alive as the living evidence our world needs to receive Jesus.

Here’s a wonderful promise:

Commit your work to the Lord and He will establish your thoughts.  Proverbs 16:3


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