Wiggle Room | Week 4

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When we think of ourselves as the least of the least, we don’t think we have anything to offer
God. That was Gideon’s story. His mindset had to be reset before he could find the faith needed
to give God Wiggle Room in his life. If you know his story, you probably picture Gideon in a wine
press threshing wheat. He probably thought of it as a cowardly thing to do. Perhaps God saw it
as a brave thing to do. God is always looking for those to whom He can show Himself strong.
Like Gideon, until we see ourselves as God sees us, we have no Wiggle Room to give Him.
Seeing ourselves as God sees us opens our heart to generously give God space to transform and
conform us for His purposes. Gideon wasn’t the only one in the Bible who had to see himself
differently. Think of Abraham and Moses. Even Peter and John had to see themselves
differently before they could give God enough personal landscape to go beyond Jerusalem with
the Gospel.

Back to Gideon.

With a new self-image based on God’s trust in him, Gideon launched a victorious win for the
Kingdom of God with a limited army of only one-hundred-men. He previously saw God as an
indifferent dictator withholding power from His people. He was angry that God had not taken
the initiative to deliver His people. The truth was that God had to find someone who would
believe in Him to the extent that He could live and move through them. Gideon became that
man. For a moment, God tolerated Gideon’s complaints, anger and even unbelief. In turn
Gideon came to believe that God was entrusting him to deliver Israel. He began to see himself
as God’s chosen champion.

God is not bound by our past. He moves against the odds. He draws outside the box. He colors
outside the lines. If we will allow it, He will prove Himself in realms unpredictable to our
normal. Motives matter. Gideon always had the heart of a champion, but anger had hidden it.
Anger gives God no Wiggle Room from which to work. God thrives when we engage in
promoting His agenda, and we do as well.

Gideon quietened himself. He began to listen. He spoke less. Ultimately, he gave God all the
Wiggle Room necessary to save God’s people. When Gideon’s anger subsided, His faith thrived.
The warrior mantle became his heart condition. As he saw himself differently, he gave God
space to work the victory he had always dreamed. Wiggle Room thrives where anger subsides.
James wrote to believers going through hard times with this advice:

“Be quick to listen, but slow to speak. And be slow to become angry, for human anger is never a
legitimate tool to promote God’s righteous purpose.”

James 1:19-20 Passion Bible Translation

Victory is incompatible with a victim mentality. Change how you see yourself to the way God
sees you and everything will begin to change. God fills the space we give Him. Give Him more.


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