Transitions | Week 3

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Transitions often leave us feeling “scattered” and that’s normal. The Apostle Paul often focused on transitioning believers by establishing them in the faith. The word “establish” in Romans 1:11 (King James) means “to resolutely turn in a certain direction”. That best describes the nature of transitions. Being resolutely turned establishes us spiritually, mentally and emotionally as God takes us forward and refines our character. See last week’s “now moment”.

In the transitions that birthed and moved the people of God forward as a nation, we find the
following leaders: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David and the list goes on and on!

Let’s focus on David. Between his time as champion over Goliath to the time when he
became King, David was scattered! He spent years running for his life. King Saul sought to kill David. But David maneuvered his way through this transitional time with great  wisdom and integrity of character. His spiritual instincts in tact from such a transition, David become a King after God’s own heart.

In the summer of 2015 I found myself in transitional time. Everything that had been familiar in my career for 15 years suddenly felt unfamiliar. By unfamiliar I mean I felt detached from and not fully engaged in what had once been fulfilling. Instinctively I began to make myself available for whatever was coming. That Fall I enrolled to become a certifier John Maxwell speaker. This required online teachings and outside reading of Maxwell’s books. The time concluded with certification in March of 2016.

God used the Maxwell teachings to fine tune how I interacted with people 24/7. This was a character refinement that continues to prove itself invaluable today. One year from the time everything familiar became unfamiliar in the U. S., I began a great three year adventure ministering in Canada. From Summer 2015 through Summer 2016 was transitional. Those three years transformed me into a new familiar. Faithfulness in transitions is key.

Transition is prerequisite to transformation. Transitions refine our character for a purpose we may not see at the time. In transition, God, by his grace, “resolutely turned me in a certain direction”. That direction refined my character and refocused my people skills. The Canadian transformation required it.’

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