Transitions | Week 2

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In scattered times of transition we tend to feel displaced. Everything familiar seems unfamiliar. Sometimes that’s so because it really is. Sometimes because what has been familiar for so long, no longer fulfills or satisfies. It is easy in such times to begin dreading the changes that transitions require.

Recently we found ourselves in that place. Believe me relocating from Lethbridge, Alberta to Little Rock, Arkansas is no picnic. Leaving dozens of friends behind and traveling 2,000+ miles by car and U-haul truck is stressful to say the least. Settling in to a new apartment and
surroundings is unsettling. That was our latest transition.

One night I found myself declaring out loud that I dreaded having to do one more thing in this transition. That one more thing was taking the written and driving portion of the Arkansas
Driver’s test. At our ages (don’t ask), having to do so pushed us right over the edge.

But when I heard the word “dread” come out of my mouth, it triggered a response that reoriented our perspective. “Dread” comes from the word “fear”, as in II Timothy 1:7.

“For God will never give you the spirit of fear, but the Holy Spirit who gives you mighty power, love and self-control.”

Dread is always counter productive to faith. Its mission is to anchor our emotions into feelings void of God’s truth. Deficiency of truth glorifies dread!

Immediately we began to lean into God’s grace. We asked according to I Peter 1:2 that God
would multiple His grace to us. And we ask Him to do so in proportion to what we needed for
the scattered times we were going through. You can do that, too.

The Apostle Paul found that God’s grace was sufficient for whatever He was going through.
Here’s what I’ve learned. Whenever I lean into His grace, gratitude comes alive. When
gratitude comes alive, generosity fosters a fresh outlook on my circumstances and I begin to
be more outward focused. Reaching out re-orients me. Yes, we passed both drivers tests but the breakthrough came when we reversed our perspective from one of “dread” to one of
expectation and faith.


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  1. Just letting know I am one who is reading your presentations.
    I want you to know that I still hear you telling us “always leave a place better than you found it,” so I walk in Divine favor in so many places and jobs.
    You and Deb Garza, along with Julie, Patrick and others literally helped save my life literally and otherwise!
    Be blessed and I look forward to future postings. I would like to know if you have anywhere that you have posted videos of your teachings over the years so my husband and I could watch.


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