Scattered Times | Week 4

by May 19, 2022Now Matters, Scattered Times1 comment

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In scattered times:

  1. We have to see ourselves as the full throttled version that God sees.
  2. We have to tackle challenging opportunities with faith and expectancy.

We have to navigate through scattered times and seasons without losing our true identity and faith in Jesus Christ, as the author and finisher of our life.

Jesus maneuvered through a sea of opportunities and decisions that ultimately changed everything. To some extent, His journey is everyone’s journey. As He lived, so lived those who followed Him. If you’re a believer, you’re in the same race.

James’ letter to the scattered believers in the first century is rich in practical applications. Here are the seven factors that require our focus and leverage in Scattered Times:

Opportunity – Options are opportunities waiting to be explored
Testing – Transitions brings us to Proving Grounds that transform us
Listening – Prompt listening trumps being quick to speak and get angry
Wisdom – Ask for it. Ask for it in faith. Ask for in faith that’s consistent
Reaching Out – Not for help from others, but to help others
Expectations – Get your hopes up. Wear out Proverb 16:3 until it takes root
Grace – Best defined as God’s divine influence and it’s reflection in your life

Don’t back away from what challenges you. Say yes and let your yes stand firm as yes. Leveraging opportunity in trying times will grow you. Let me ask a few questions.

Today’s take away:
How astute are you at recognizing opportunities?
Do you seek them out?
Are you oblivious to your need to make decisions?
What is the most important decision you made yesterday?
Last year?
As a young adult?
What decision that you make years ago still matters today?
What needs to change?

Write the following down somewhere you’ll see it everyday:

If opportunity doesn’t challenge me, it won’t change me.

1 Comment

  1. This is my favorite post of yours so far!!! Very timely, concise and applicable. I am going to write down those words and put them into practice! Thanks Gene!


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