Own The Moment | Week 1

by Jan 6, 2022Own The Moment1 comment

“Sometimes you are faced with moments in life that literally scare you to death. But if what you love or believe matters enough, you will own it” – Carl Lentz

In the strength of your God-given leadership, faith and creativity own the moment in front of you. Own the season, own the age and own the opportunities staring you in the face. Tune in. Live out loud in the light of God’s redemptive grace. And do it now!

This is not a time to stand down your convictions, gifting or purpose. The age we live in is a scattered time of distractions, fears and frustrations. To own the moment I challenge you today to love up, live up and lead up.

The love of God, without bias or conditions, empowers believers to sense what is vital in every conversation and live compassionate unselfish lives.

How? By adding value to everyone around us. That’s leadership. That’s faith. That’s creativity. The love of God is the greatest problem solver the world has ever know.

In a social media world lacking authenticity and depth, this is your challenge today. Own the challenge and you’ll own the moment.

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  1. Great word!


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