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Coming face to face with what Jesus has done in another human being is a radical experience. The Samaritan woman’s testimony created a game changer climate that brought out the good, the bad and ugly in her hometown. Jesus capitalized on the moment.

The rejection of the traditional Jews evaporated in the presence of the One who brought living water to both. It is significant that this woman with a questionable lifestyle found in her conversation with Jesus both a liberty to move beyond her checkered past and liberty to share immediately the Good News with all who would listen. Jesus’ timing was masterful.

Her point of reference on where to worship shifted spontaneously to the anointed truth Jesus shared. As she reckoned with the realization that she was conversing with the long-awaited Messiah, Jesus pressed forward by connecting to her present. He said: “The hour is coming and now is, when true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth.” Jesus’ “Now is!” statement placed an emphasis on personal worship. A “now” state of mind is always challenging. What if we lived in a “now” state of mind? Now faith? Now joy? Now grace?

Imagine the shift in the Samaritans’ minds during those two days with Jesus. Surely the grace and truth that Jesus brought to earth was plentiful enough for both the former rejected ones and His disciples to find common ground. How they saw themselves and others changed their hearts that day. The Holy Spirit cut through the rhetoric of religiosity in their lives and brought them face to face with God’s way of thinking.  Lord, for us, let it be so, now.

Look deeper into this amazing two-day evangelistic event around Jacob’s well! Class was in session for everyone. The exuberance the disciples had already experienced in previous days became a shared experience with their former adversaries! For us today, it matters that we allow scriptures to breathe. Imagine what different ones experienced in this moment of Jesus’ ministry and expect your findings to have a personal impact through the Holy Spirit. 

Consider the following:

  • Jesus broke traditional and racial barriers!
  • Jesus packed a series of teachings into one conversation with the Samaritan.
  • Jesus’ strategic timing brought the acceptable and unacceptable to the same table.
  • Jesus’ way of discipleship and leadership training had a cross cultural focus and effect. 
  • His plentiful forgiveness and presence charged the atmosphere with expectancy for all.
  • A ‘master class’ took root on how to worship our Heavenly Father in spirit and truth.
  • Everyone present had to let go of prejudice and be cross-trained for the mission at hand.



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