Breaking Rank… Thinking Like Jesus – Part 4

by Jun 24, 2021Breaking Rank, Now Matters0 comments

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“The people were amazed at his teaching, because he taught them as one who had authority, not as the teachers of the law.”  Mark 1:22

God’s Word gives us a blueprint of how to think as a child of God. God’s blueprint mandates change that is only possible through the authority of His Word. Think of yourself as the building site. You’re the ground! You’re the dirt. We have to move some dirt! That means retiring old mindsets and breaking rank with the world’s way of thinking. Dirt, in this case, is anything that is out of step with the way Jesus thinks

The Dirt we need to move includes thought patterns that are destructive to His purpose and character. By Breaking Rank we get to go A.W.O.L from the world’s limited way of thinking. Breaking Rank includes breaking rank with the way we think about ourselves. His Word will forever keep us rethinking, unthinking and then thinking again about His purpose and plans. 

Discover the uniqueness with which God made you. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Trust me, you are a duplicate of no one. We are all unique. God thought us up before the world began. He doesn’t have to rethink us because we’re living in the 21st Century. God’s way ahead of our old way of thinking. Focus resolutely on yourself in line with His blueprint for you. Remember:

“The only way to resolutely become yourself is to transform the way you think about yourself in line with the mind of Christ.” GB

Too often, religious teaching focuses on outward actions, to conform its subject to its liking!

That’s not what Jesus taught. Anyone who has duplicated the preferred outward actions of an employer but without the heart-felt convictions to do so, knows the hollowness of such actions. 

Jesus’ authority moved people to change their hearts. He often taught, that our mouth overflows from the abundance in our hearts! Imagine His disciples trying to process this mental paradigm shift, while trying to keep up with where Jesus was taking them geographically! He authored change in their hearts with on-the-job training. He authors the same in us. 

Challenge: Team up with those discovering His Lordship with fresh eyes and an open heart. Make fellow-shipping with like-minded believers priority #1.


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