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“To write a great book, you must first become the book!” Naval Ravikant

Paul did. He became the voice that bridged the Old Covenant into the New. The Old, swamped in rules and regulations, had become impregnated in the ancient world with a parade of ruthless enforcers! The New Covenant, on the other hand, dared to rewrite God!!! Its leaders journaled their heart out. They pursued God through vibrant relationships with Jesus Christ as Lord. Their stamina of joy in difficult times turned heads and hearts, pro and con, throughout the known world. 

What about you? If your life was a book what would be your stream of thought? Really? As time passes, most of us are tempted to quietly document our journey, but we rarely reflect on it. Paul reflected constantly. He lived renewing his mind in the collage of revelation and reality where he traveled. He confronted the rat race of the first century and challenged where it was headed. Never isolated from his call, Paul lived relevant, both in and out of prison! He raised the watermark of spiritual integrity and anointing. His life is his book. He was more transparent than the times he lived expected. Thank God. Bottom line: Is that we become our book even if we don’t write it. Why? Because we live it.

Next question: As you wander into 2021, if you were to write your story, which chapters would you leave out? Which ones would you dog-ear? What would you entitle it? What would the cover look like? Don’t write it! Who would read it? You’re not finished yet. What if you took the next few days to review where you really are in the process of running your race? Wake up! It’s 2021.

Paul thought it best to neglect his past. He focused on what Christ was doing through him. He downloaded more revelation than any Apostolic writer. He pulled the Old Covenant through the ringer of God’s revealed knowledge and intentional revelation. He explored grace and pushed it to the forefront of the early church. He took his shot! Bang!

Ultimately, Paul determined to finish his race with joy. He took this determination all the way into prison. From there, he wrote epistles to an invisible, but well-known audience. Who is the target audience of your life? If you could effectively reveal any truth to any audience, who would that be? Does it bother you that the former persecutor of the early church got away with murder? Or do you think he did? Have you? Forgiveness empowered Paul to live neglecting his past. Instinctively, he kept his future stirred and consequently, his past lost its grip. The flourishing of God’s faith and grace became his daily voice-over in real time. Are you as diligent as your past requires? 

This year, what if you became more conscience that you are becoming your book? Every thought God thinks of you, is purposed for your good. His goodness should overwhelm you with every chapter you write. You get to choose your focus this year, as always. Will you live this year taking your best shot at becoming fully you? Will you commit yourself to patience? To joy? To peace? To faith? To grace? 

Oh, the choices you will make   . . . .   Let’s get started . . .   It’s your book . . .   Book yourself faithful!


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